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Whiskey and Pizza

I will readily admit that I enjoy reading whiskey tasting notes. Barrell Bourbon has some of the best descriptions that could easily find their way into a pornographic novel:

Crusty, egg battered brioche French toast dripping in butter and dark maple syrup. Thin rivulets of bruleed corn pudding. Rich swirls of darkly scented, spicy Mexican chocolate become soft eruptions at the finish.

The only problem is that, as delicious as that might sound, I don't have a developed enough palette to pick up those individual flavors. But what I do know is this: The whiskey that they are describing is Barrell Whiskey Batch 001 that is so amazingly tasty (to me) that I hunted down a second bottle as my first one came to an end.

The thing is, you know immediately when something tastes great, even if you cannot put into words. Like pizza. It got me thinking about the similarities between whiskey and pizza.
Take for instance that there are some people who enjoy bourbon, rye and scotch. Similarly the…

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