The Allure of Whiskey

It took me until the 25th anniversary year of my 21st birthday to discover that I love whiskey. While it saddens me some to think that it took so long, I'm happy that I found it now without having to wait another 25 years.

Until I started drinking and collecting bourbon, rye and other American whiskeys, I had not even considered how convenient a bottle of whiskey was. Beer requires refrigeration. Whiskey does not. Some wine doesn't either, but unless you plan to drink an entire bottle in one sitting, the spoil clock starts ticking. Not so with whiskey. It doesn't go bad. Vodka neat? Not unless you're Russian. Gin? I drink mine in a martini with vermouth and blue cheese stuffed olives. A delicious cocktail for sure, but one that requires extra ingredients to be on hand. All you need for whiskey is a glass and, in a pinch, one is not even required.

I like hearing the backstories of each whiskey, where it comes from, who the master distiller is, how it got from the grain to the barrel to the bottle to my glass.

I like having many bottles open at the same time, an extensive personal whiskey menu, and having the option, depending on my mood, to pluck a bottle from my shelves and have a pour or two.

I like listening to podcasts, watching YouTube videos, and reading blogs and books focused on the bourbon industry.

I like hunting for new bottles, especially when traveling to/through other states that carry products that my home state does not.

I like the color, the smell, the taste, and that warming sensation. 

But most of all I enjoy sharing all of this with friends. It has been said that food tastes a little better in the company of great friends. The same is certainly true with whiskey. I look forward to pairing my whiskey enthusiasm with great friends in 2017. Salute!

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