Master Blender

Many craft distillers buy aged whiskey from other producers and then blend them to create new, unique products. High West Distillery is known for their art of blending. One of their products called "Double Rye!" blends a 2-year-old high-rye whiskey with a 16-year-old more typical rye mash bill. Another one called "Bourye" is a combination of bourbon (the "Bou" in the name) and rye.

Wild Turkey released a product called Forgiven. The story goes that the distilling crew accidentally dumped rye into a vat of bourbon. Master Distiller Eddie Russell loved the combination and all was "forgiven."

Last night I decided to play the role of Master Blender. I pulled two Jim Beam products from my shelves, Booker's 2016-05 Off Your Rocker (129.7 proof) and Old Grand-Dad bottled-in-bond (100 proof), and poured equal portions of each into a rocks glass. I let it rest for 10-15 minutes, giving it a swirl every now and then to get the liquid all mingled together. My sweet spot for proof is between 100-114, and the proof of this blend came in at 114.85. The result was quite delicious and kept getting more tasty with each sip. Next time I'm going to let it sit a little longer.

Since Booker's runs about $60 a bottle and OGD runs about $20, the blend would be around $40 a bottle. I'm thinking this blend could stand toe-to-toe with anything at that price point.

I'm excited to give this another try, perhaps using two Heaven Hill products, like Elijah Craig Barrel Proof (136 proof) and Heaven Hill bottled-in-bond (100 proof) for a combined 118 proof, or two Buffalo Trace products, like Stagg Jr. (130 proof) and Eagle Rare (90 proof) for a combined 110 proof.

What other hobby is this much fun?!?


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