Talking to Strangers

There are two groups of people who are generally overly-friendly. The first group are those coming out of a coffee shop after their first cup, or sip, of coffee. Say anything you want to them and you will most likely get a big smile and a nice reply. "Hey, I heard a comet will hit the planet tomorrow and destroy us all." "Yes, isn't it wonderful!" The second group is anyone who loves bourbon. They love drinking it. They love sharing it. They love talking about it.

When I first got into bourbon, I was standing in a liquor store staring at the bottles on the shelf trying to figure out what to buy next. A guy walks right up to the shelf and grabs a bottle of Buffalo Trace, which really had not caught my eye and I knew nothing about it. I said, "Excuse me, if you don't mind me asking, why did you choose that bottle?" He told me it was his favorite, that it was a great bourbon for a great price. He mentioned a few other things which I can't recall but what stuck with me was how open he was to share his thoughts with a stranger. I grabbed myself a bottle that day.

I tried it once or twice shortly thereafter and only remember thinking that it was "just okay." It sat on my shelf for about six months and last week I tried it again. Wow, what a difference six months can make! Either my palate developed a liking to it or the bourbon got better in the bottle, which I heard can happen, something about oxidation.

I'm looking forward to sipping it again soon and, hopefully, confirming that my palate likes Buffalo Trace a lot.


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