Infinity Bottle

I started my own infinity bottle. These are also known as heritage bottles, or fractional share bottles. The idea is to create a whiskey that is entirely unique to you, one that will change over time, something that could potentially last generations, passed down as a family heirloom. I started mine by adding one ounce of each of the twenty-five bourbons listed below. I intend to let it sit and muddle together for week before having a first taste. This initial batch will start at 104.3 proof. Each time I take a pour from the bottle, I'll refill it with something new. 

1792 Full Proof
Bookers 2016–05 Off Your Rocker
Buffalo Trace
Bulleit Bourbon
Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch BiB
Eagle Rare
Elijah Craig Small Batch
Elmer T. Lee
Evan Williams 2007 SiB
Evan Williams BiB
Fighting Cock
Heaven Hill BiB
Knob Creek SiB
Maker's Mark Cask Strength
Noah's Mill
Old Ezra Rare Old
Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style
Old Grand-Dad 114
Rebel Yell 10 SiB Barrel # 4744361
Rock Hill Farms SiB
Smooth Ambler Old Scout SiB
Stagg Jr. Batch 7
Very Old Barton BiB
Wild Turkey 101


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