Blue Label

We recently spent a weekend in Dewey Beach, Delaware for our son's travel baseball tournament. They ended up finishing third out of fifteen teams, an exceptional outcome in extremely hot and humid conditions.

There was only one liquor store in Dewey with a limited selection of staple whiskeys. One bottle however caught my eye, a mini 200ML bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label. While I'm not very familiar with scotch I recognized it as a high-end bottle, one that typically sells for plus or minus $200. It came in a very attractive blue box with gold lettering. I bought it.

The only other Johnnie Walker whisky I ever tasted was Black Label a year ago in Puerto Rico and I remembered that it smelled like rubber and tasted like dirt.

This one was a much different experience. It was tastier than I wanted it to be, with just the right amount of smokiness for me. It was creamy and loaded with flavor. I can see this bottle becoming a regular in my collection.


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