Henry McKenna 10yr Bottled-in-Bond

Whenever this bourbon is mentioned, whether in a forum on in a podcast, everyone immediately tells one another to stop talking about it because they don't want the word to get out about how good it is, for fear of everyone buying it up.

I have two bottles. I opened one last year, had a few drinks from it, and didn't think it was spectacular. I revisited the bottle last night just to confirm my initial impressions. And I absolutely loved everything about it. This stuff is really good, delightful nose, loaded with flavor on the palette, wonderful finish.

I posted a pic to my Instagram with a note that read: Aged 10 years, 100 proof, single barrel, and readily available in Pennsylvania for a measly 35 bucks #highlyrecommended #henrymckenna #bottledinbond #bourbon #whiskey #bringyourownbourbon

Well I went to PA's website today to find which stores have it in-stock and, much to my surprise, there weren't many and none within an hour's drive. Uh-oh. I think the word is out. Pick up a bottle if you see it.

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  1. I think it is a materially better Heaven Hill product than Ezra 101 or Evan William Bonded (which is much younger).


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