Old Ezra 101

I woke up this morning thinking that I should take a break on adding to my whiskey collection. Perhaps a month off from purchasing any new bottles. It would take me at least six years to drink through my current stock. A break was in order to reassess where I'm taking this hobby. It sounded like a solid plan.

Then I popped into a PA state liquor store just to see what was on the shelves. The new label Old Ezra 101 caught my eye. I have the old label and planned on replacing the bottle when it was finished. But what really caught my eye was the price --- $13.84. And that was the regular price not a sale price. That couldn't be right. The Ezra Brooks non-aged stated, 90 proof version was on the shelf right next to it for $12.99. And I recall paying $20 a year ago.

This is a Heaven Hill sourced bourbon, aged 7 years, and bottled at 101 proof. A good value at $20. An outstanding value at $13.84. I picked up two. I can start tomorrow with taking a month off :)

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  1. It thought it was a sale price, in any event rather absurdly low.


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