1974 Canadian Club

While cleaning out a deceased family member’s home, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law found an unopened bottle of Canadian Club. They gave it to me at Easter. It sat on a shelf until last night when they came over for dinner. I was very excited to crack it open.

The bottle still had the original tax strips on it. Tax strips are bits of paper that were affixed over the cap/cork to indicate that the tax had been paid and the bottle had not been tampered with. One of the strips was stamped 1974, the year the whisky was released. The words “This whisky is 6 years old” appears near the bottom of the front label, meaning it was distilled in 1968. 

The whiskey was typical Canadian Club flavor, clean and sweet. At 86.8 proof there was little-to-no burn. I tasted peaches. It was very cool to experience something that was distilled before I was born, and a great finish to a nice evening of dinner and conversation with family. 


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