Every whisk(e)y has a story. And as the story goes for this one, 11 bottles of Mackinlay's Rare Old Highland malt whisky were found frozen for a century underneath the floorboards of Sir Earnest Shackleton's 1907 Antarctic expedition base camp hut. They were carefully removed and a bottle was returned to the whisky's producer who studied the spirit and attempted to recreate its taste profile, not once, not twice, but three times.

This bottle represents that third release. The packaging is spectacular. Both the bottle label and the box it comes in are colored a brilliant Antarctic Blue. The bottle has embossed lettering including a quote from Shackleton.

I drank mine out of an ox horn tumbler (a Christmas present from my son) because that's probably something Shackleton and his crew would have done. I have no idea how closely it resembles the original but it is mighty tasty and worth every penny that this $35 bottle sells for.


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